The most frequently asked questions about adaptogens

questions about adaptogens

Adaptogens are still new for most people and I get quite a few questions about them.These are the things you are most curious about:

Questions about adaptogens

How do I know which blend is best for me?

Think about what you would like to strengthen. What can you use extra support with?
For example, do you want to have better focus and could you use more mental clarity? Do you feel stressed easily and are you in need of more inner peace?
Would you like to have more energy and stamina? Do you want to support your immune system, sleep better or nourish your skin from the inside out?
The answers to these and other questions can give you a lot of clarity.

If you want to get more insight into this, you can take this test.

questions about adaptogens

Do adaptogens work better if I drink them pure with water?

The nutrients and properties of adaptogens are best absorbed by your body when you combine them with food, especially with healthy fats. These can be, for example, coconut products, avocado, cacao butter or (plant-based) dairy products.
The extra advantage of this is that the taste of the herbs will be taken over by that of your foods and drinks, which makes them very easy to use.

Can I use several blends simultaneously?

This is certainly possible, but be mindful about your intake. Herbs can be powerful and these blends are very concentrated.
I recommend using 1-2 blends as a base, start with a small dosage and then build it up slowly. Observe what it does to your body and mood and if you wish so, use an additional blend as temporary support.
For more information about the use of adaptogens, you can read this article.

questions about adaptogens

How long will it take before I notice the effect?

This is very individual and depends on your personal situation, your sensitivity, diet, lifestyle and how you use the adaptogens. Some people notice a big difference after just a few times, others need longer.

It's important to use the adaptogens correctly so that you can get the maximum benefit from them. During the first 1-2 months take them daily. Adaptogens reach their full potential after about three months.
Whether you notice the changes clearly or in a more subtle way,
know that there are many processes taking place inside, so be patient with yourself.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding, can I use adaptogens?

I reached out to Dr. Aviva Romm about this, a well-known medical doctor specialized in women's health, herbalist and midwife. She answered:

“I'm totally fine with them (while breastfeeding) except tend to stay away from stimulating ones like ginseng. Not for use during pregnancy though”

Always discuss this with your GP, who can best support you in this.

Can I use adaptogens when I take medication?

Always discuss this with your GP.

vragen over adaptogenen

Are the blends vegan?

Yes, all High Vibeology products are vegan.

Can I use adaptogens if I don't like the taste of herbs?

The blends are 100% natural, without added flavors, preservatives, fillers etc., which is why they have a very pure taste. People who are new to these type of herbs, might need some time to get used to the taste of some of the blends.
Start with a very small amount and combine it with something you like so that it takes over the flavor. You can find various recipes on the website.

questions about adaptogens

Can I use the blends throughout the day?

The I am calm blend yes, this one can be used all day long, even right before you go to sleep.
The other blends I am focused, I am energized and I am glowing are suitable for use during day time.

These were the most frequently asked questions about adaptogens. Do you also have a question? You can always send me a message.