Erika Broz High Vibeology adaptogenen Amsterdam


I am Erika and I've created High Vibeology, an Amsterdam-based brand with medicinal mushroom and herbal blends with a lot of love.

I am very passionate about everything related to wellness and I am endlessly fascinated by the human potential.

Twenty years ago I went to a specialist in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine because I had chronic eczema and allergies since my birth.
Prior to that doctors would give me hormone creams and said I had to learn to live with it, but I knew I could heal. During the TCM treatments I was introduced to adaptogens for the first time in my life. After a while all symptoms disappeared.
The treatments, combined with major changes in my lifestyle, were the beginning of new insights into my health.

I became aware of how everything is connected, from our food, the products we put on our body, our thoughts, emotions, habits and everything we connect with.

High Vibeology adaptogenen Erika Broz


A period of prolonged insomnia and stress during my studies a few years later, threw me off balance. A radical realignment to the lifestyle that I needed, commitment and a lot of patience finally brought me back into balance.

Since then it became my life's mission to live in the most beautiful, authentic, healthy, loving, powerful, free and abundant way.

As a holistic wellness coach, I help people stand fully in their power and manifest their highest potential. By first transforming limiting blocks on a mental, physical and emotional level, you can consciously create a high vibe life. This is when you keep making choices that align with your heart, your authentic self and your well-being.

I am also an herbalist in training.

It's great to have you here, if you want to ask or share something, I'd love to hear from you!

Much love,