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Adaptogens & nutricosmetics to elevate your body, mind & beauty

High vibrational plant alchemy

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High vibeology adaptogenen Amsterdam

Used in Ayurveda and TCM

High vibrational plant alchemy

Imagine yourself in your ultimate power.

Full of energy, inner peace, with a clear mind and an open heart.
In perfect harmony and with resilience to navigate through modern life's challenges with ease and grace. This is your natural state.

High Vibeology adaptogens are 100% natural, organic, vegan powders from herbs and mushrooms. They help your body and mind return to balance
and increase your resistance to stress.
They are available in 4 blends to add to your food and drinks:
Calm ◦ Focus ◦ Energy ◦ Skin & Immune system.

I am glowing

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I am glowing adaptogenen voor de huid en immuunsysteem High Vibeology
High Vibeology adaptogenen Amsterdam
Adaptogenen van High Vibeology om je te helpen met stress om te gaan, voor meer energie, betere focus, kalmte en voor je huid en immuunsysteem

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Moon milk: Ayurvedic beverage

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High Vibeology adaptogenen voor ontspanning, innerlijke rust, goede nachtrust en connectie met je hart