Imagine yourself
in your
ultimate power.

Full of energy, inner peace, with a clear mind and an open heart. In perfect harmony and with resilience to navigate through modern life’s challenges with ease and grace.
This is your natural state.

These natural, organic, vegan mushroom and herbal blends can be added to your food and drinks. They help you balance your body & mind, increase your resistance to stress and help you feel, look and function optimally.


Your mood determines your internal state through your emotions, thoughts and behavior. Your perception creates your personal story which defines how you take action and experience life.

The way you deal with modern life’s stressors is connected to your resilience. The stronger it is, the easier you adapt to challenges and bounce back to your balanced, empowered state. Your hormones, nervous system and gut-brain connection all play a part in this.

Adaptogens support your endocrine and nervous system.
They help you balance your emotions, increase your resistance to stress and stimulate your mind, so that you can align to your highest purpose and elevate the quality of your life.


Sleep is essential to maintain optimal health. Your brain recovers and restores itself, optimizing your short and long term memory and learning ability. Hormones such as the human growth hormone are emitted which is needed for the functionality of your body. Your muscles recover from your daily activities.

A healthy sleep cycle is key to a strong immune system, it restores energy, facilitates cell regeneration and balances your emotions.

Adaptogens help you relax and they support your sleep routine, so that you can fall asleep easily, experience restful sleep and wake up feeling energized.


Your energy is your life force and your frequency. On a physical level it’s your fuel and your vitality. On a mental and emotional level it’s your inner drive, mindset, mood and stamina. All of them are connected.

Adaptogens support physical and mental energy levels and endurance, increase your resilience to stress, strengthen your immunity and stimulate mental clarity.


Focus is a mental state in which your mind is clear, engaged and active. It’s easy to organize your thoughts, express yourself, take in and remember information and concentrate on a task during an extended period of time.
Good focus keeps you sharp, productive, mentally stimulated and creative.

Adaptogens support brain health and cognitive functions such as concentration, memory and processing of information. They stimulate your mind and expand your perception.


Your skin, hair and radiance are a reflection of what’s going on inside. Physical, mental and emotional health, the quality of your sleep, nutrition, exercise, the products you use and how you respond to stress all impact your beauty.

Long-term stress is one of the fastest accelerators of premature aging, affecting us on a cellular level.

Adaptogens help reshape your stress responses and increase your resistance to stress.
Some of them are nutricosmetics that nourish and protect your skin from the inside out. They hydrate and support collagen production, cell renewal, skin elasticity, glow and softness.


A strong immune system is a dynamic network of organs, tissues and cells that helps you stay healthy and protect you from various external elements.
One of its functions is to maintain homeostasis: the body's ability to keep its physiological processes stable despite external changes.

Adaptogens help your body and mind deal with stress, support your immune system, digestion, energy levels and endurance. They stimulate cognitive functions, cell renewal and homeostasis.


I am glowing

7 mushrooms for your skin

Improves elasticity

Hydrates like Hyaluronic acid

Stimulates collagen production

Activates the cell renewal process

Calms the skin and reduces redness

Strengthens ceramides in the skin barrier

Protects against premature aging

Increases resilience to stress

Accelerates wound healing

Restores moisture loss

Is anti-inflammatory

Evens out skin tone

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High Vibeology adaptogenen Amsterdam met de founder Erika Broz


Erika is passionate about well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Nutrition, herbal medicine, a conscious lifestyle and mindset helped her heal chronic eczema and allergies.
They also supported her to transform into a healthy, high vibe life after a period of prolonged insomnia and stress during her studies.

Nature is her greatest inspiration.

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