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I am complete
I am complete

I am complete

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The complete series of the three High Vibeology adaptogenic herbal blends consisting of:

I am focused and expand my mind

A blend of adaptogenic plants, herbs and mushrooms to support cognitive functions such as concentration, mental clarity, memory and the processing of information.
It provides energy in a subtle way, both on a mental as well as on a physical level.

☽ Energetically it focuses on the expansion and clarity of the mind. It helps you to make the connection between your vision and its manifestation into the physical.

Ingredients: Brahmi*, Tulsi* (Holy Basil), Lion’s Mane mushroom* of 100% fruitbody and Maca root*.

* organic

I am calm and balance my emotions

A blend of adaptogenic plants, herbs and mushrooms that help you relax, sleep well and maintain a sense of inner peace. It supports a healthy nervous and hormonal system and promotes mental clarity.

☽ Energetically it helps you to connect to your core and your heart. It promotes emotional healing, cleansing and the free flow of emotions.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha root*, Tulsi* (Holy Basil), Reishi mushroom* of 100% fruitbody and Brahmi*.

* organic

I am energized and sustain my power

A blend of adaptogenic plants, herbs and mushrooms that help maintain energy levels and stamina by supporting physical and mental exertion.
It contributes to the recovery of the body after exercise and can be used before as well as after a workout.

☽ Energetically it strengthens the awareness of your physical capacity. It connects you to your life force and helps you feel more grounded, focused, charged and present in your body.

Ingredients: Moringa*, Astragalus ~, Chaga mushroom* ~ of 100% fruitbody and Maca root.*

* organic
~ wildcrafted

Content: 50 grams per jar

Recommended use: add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon to your smoothie, tea, latte or stir it into your oatmeal, yogurt, pancake mix, or other dish.

Supplements are intended to complement a healthy lifestyle. They are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

It is recommended to consult a health expert such as an orthomolecular therapist or your GP before using a new supplement, during pregnancy or if you are taking medication.

The above health claims, made on the basis of plant-based ingredients, are currently being processed by the European Food Safety Administration (ESFA).

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