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I am glowing: relaxed feeling

I am very satisfied with the I am glowing. It tastes great with coconut milk, just like hot chocolate. I've only used it a few times but my body reacts well to it and it gives me a relaxed feeling.

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I am calm: calmer - super happy!

I've had the adaptogens for about 2 weeks now, and I already notice a difference! I have a sensitive system and have tried many herbs and notice that the quality of this one is very good! I like the I am Calm, I notice that when I'm in a challenging..

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I am calm: calmness

I am very happy with the adaptogens and really notice their effect. Especially a kind of calmness in my body that makes it easier for me to get through the busy days. I'm going to order new jars, because I want to keep using them.

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