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I am glowing: skin healed spontaneously

Very nice the I am glowing adaptogens only I didn't notice any visible skin improvement immediately. At least that's what I thought..Until yesterday. The day before I accidently dropped the content of almost a third of a small jar in my coffee and..

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I am glowing: softer and smoother skin

My first jar of I AM GLOWING adaptogens is almost finished. Ordered a new one, so that I don't run out. Because my skin has become softer. My skin texture has also become smoother. I feel more radiant and others give me this feedback too.

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I am energized: Love the adaptogens

I'm loving the adaptogens! I could feel the high frequency coming from the blends even before I started taking them. I've been all up here and I'm finding they help me get back into the body. My kapha was elevated..

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