Welke adaptogenen zijn het best?

Which adaptogens are best for you?

The beautiful thing about adaptogens is that they have the ability to help you  stay balanced on a physical, mental and emotional level. They do this by tuning in to your specific needs and situation and help regulate the nervous system, hormone system and immune system.

The primary function of adaptogens is to balance the stress responses of your body and mind and to increase resistance to various stressors. In addition, they each have their unique characteristics.
 To determine which adaptogens are best for you, it helps to know what you would like to achieve. For example, do you want more energy, are you in need of relaxation, would you like to feel more grounded, boost your memory, be less in your head and more in your heart, improve your sleep or strengthen your immune system? 
 It is good to know what you would like to address and also where you see any possible areas for improvement, so that you can focus on those particular parts specifically.

 It is also possible that you feel very good and are interested in adaptogens for maintenance and to see where you can do even better. 

Everything is connected and if we look at our health and the quality of our life in a holistic way, it all becomes clearer. Adaptogens can do a lot for you, but they work best if you give yourself what you need in other areas as well.

For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, ask yourself if you are not taking on too much. Can you easily set boundaries and let go of things? 
If you often lack energy, also look into your diet, exercise, whether you get enough sleep, but also if what you dedicate yourself to makes you happy.
 Observe your thoughts and emotions, especially those that you perceive regularly, because there is a lot to be learned from them. 
 In short, look honestly at how you take care of yourself and where you could step more into your power. Anything that you will implement with this knowledge in mind will also work better because it makes you are more aware.
 Once you have a clear idea of what you want to focus on, find the adaptogens that fit best into this. 
High Vibeology has 4 different adaptogenic blends. The three white label blends are each made from 3 herbs / plants and 1 functional mushroom. The black label blend is made from 7 mushrooms.
 They are especially formulated so that all ingredients work in synergy to reinforce each other.
I am calm with Ashwagandha, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Reishi and Brahmi supports a healthy nervous and hormonal system, relaxation, mental clarity, a good night's sleep, a positive mood and inner peace.
 It makes it easier to react more mindfully to triggers.
Energetically it helps you to connect more to your core and your heart. It stimulates emotional healing, cleansing and the free flow of emotions.

I am focused with Lion’s Mane, Brahmi, Maca and Tulsi (Holy Basil) contributes to good concentration and memory, mental clarity and it promotes the absorption and processing of information.
It provides energy in a subtle way, on both a mental and a physical level. 

The energetic focus is on the expansion and clarity of the mind. It helps you to make the connection between your vision and its manifestation in the physical.

I am energized with Astragalus, Moringa, Maca and Cordyceps works on your energy levels, stamina and supports physical and mental exertion.
 It contributes to the recovery of the body after exercise and is very suitable for before as well as after a workout. 
 In an energetic sense it helps you become aware of your physical capacity. It connects you to your life force and helps you feel more grounded, focused, charged and present in your body.

I am glowing with 
Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Tremella, Lion's Mane and Maitake mushrooms is a nutricosmetics beauty & longevity adaptogenic blend for the skin. The mushrooms in this blend are known for their powerful effect on the skin and the immune system. They have moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and cell renewal properties. *

In addition, they are a rich source of vitamin D.

 You can use multiple adaptogens at the same time and different blends during the day, but it is recommended to be conscious about your intake.
Herbs and mushrooms can be very powerful, so start with a small dose and see how you react to it.
You can read more about use and dose recommendations in this article. 

 Do you have specific questions about adaptogens or do you want to know which ones are best for you? Send an email to hi@thehighvibeology.com 
 * The above health claims, made on the basis of plant-based ingredients, are currently being processed by the European Food Safety Administration (ESFA). *

Supplements are intended to complement a healthy lifestyle. They are not a substitute for a balanced diet. 
These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 

It is advisable to consult a health expert such as an orthomolecular therapist or your GP before using a new supplement, when pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you are taking medication.