Test: deze adaptogenen passen bij jou

Test: these adaptogens suit you

Adaptogens can be an amazing addition to your self-care routine. 
They have the unique ability to tune into your specific situation and help you balance out what is most needed.

To get the most benefit from them, get as clear as possible on what you observe in your life at the moment and what you would like to cultivate or improve. What are the main things right now that ask for your attention?

High Vibeology adaptogens are formulated in 4 blends: I am focused,  I am calm , I am energized and I am glowing. They can help you target specific needs, but also function as wellness maintenance. 
 In order to help you understand which of these adaptogens currently suit you most, I made this test.
It consists of a variety of positive affirmations related to your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Each of them is related to the properties of a High Vibeology blend.
 It’s a fun exercise to get more insights into your needs, elevate your self-care routine, and create a high vibrational life for yourself. 
 How does it work? Read each affirmation - you can do this either out loud or to yourself. Feel into it and if you sense that you could get some support in that area at the moment, write down the symbol. 
 Once you’ve read all the affirmations, count the symbols. The symbol that appears most often, indicates which one of the adaptogenic blends you could currently benefit from the most. Some affirmations can apply to several blends, so keep an open mind! 

 This test is intended to deepen your knowledge of self in a fun and light way and to discover which adaptogens suit you. 
 The intention is not to give medical nor psychological advice. If you believe that you are in need of that, please contact your GP or specialist. 

Test: these adaptogens suit you.

 I think clearly. ✩ 
 My energy levels are high and stable. ▽ 
 I fall asleep easily. ❍ 
 I have a good memory. ✩ 
 I am emotionally balanced and easy-going ❍ 
 I feel strongly grounded. ▽ 
 I wake up feeling rested. ❍ 
 I am usually in a good mood. ❍ 
 I am focused without getting easily distracted. ✩
 I feel present in my body. ▽ 
 I see solutions rather than problems. ✩ 
 I connect to my heart and emotions easily. ❍ 
 My thought process is clear and fast. ✩ 
 I am calm and centered, despite of external turbulence. ❍ 
 I express myself easily and clearly. ✩ 
 I have enough energy for regular physical activity. ▽
 I learn new skills easily. ✩ 
 I live in the present, without feeling affected by past events. ❍ 
 I am able to multi-task when needed. ✩ 
 I am resilient. ❍ 
 I need little time to recover from physical activity. ▽ 
 I am happy and have fun in life. ❍ 
 I am able to concentrate on a task for an extended period of time. ✩ 
 I am in good physical shape. ▽ 
 I let go easily of things that are out of my control. ❍ 
 I am grateful for everything my body does for me. ▽
 I trust my intuition. ❍ 
 I feel energized and don’t get tired easily. ▽ 
 I know what I want. ✩ 
 It’s easy for me to relax and unwind after a busy day. ❍ 
 I am open-minded and curious. ✩ 
 I feel nourished and energized after a meal. ▽
 I feel excited to start a new day when I wake up. ❍ 
 I recover fast after mental activity ▽ 
 I am productive. ✩ 
 I enjoy taking care of my body. ▽ 
 I feel optimistic about the future, without worrying about it. ❍ 
 I adapt myself easily to a new situation. ✩ 
 My energy levels are stable, without extreme highs or lows. ▽ 
 I can process new information fast and easily. ✩ 
 I sleep well throughout the night. ❍ 
 I get things done now, as opposed to postponing them. ✩ 
 I have a strong immune system. ▽ 
 I eat to nourish myself rather than feeding my emotions. ❍ 
 I feel strong. ▽

 I enjoy being mentally stimulated. ✩ 
 I look my age or younger. ▽ 
 I have healthy, strong boundaries. ❍ 
 I easily understand instructions. ✩ 
 I look forward to working out. ▽ 
 I manage unexpected things with ease and grace. ❍ 
 I notice it quickly when my body is out of balance. ▽ 
 I am able to express my feelings openly. ❍ 
 I wake up feeling energized. ▽ 
 I think for myself. ✩ 
 My appetite is balanced throughout the day, without a strong need for sugar or caffeine. ❍ 
 I am a manifestor.. ✩ 
 I have a healthy libido. ▽ 
 I feel relaxed about my to-do list. ✩ 
 I feel connected to nature. ▽ 
 I allow myself the time to recover after an intense period. ❍ 
 I am comfortable functioning under (time) pressure. ✩ 
 Being physically active gives me energy. ▽ 
 I feel confident to speak my truth. ❍ 
 I usually feel pleasantly warm. ▽ 
 I finish what I start. ✩

Results: these adaptogens suit you.

Usually ❍:

I am calm with Ashwagandha, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Reishi and Brahmi supports a healthy nervous and hormonal system, relaxation, mental clarity, a good night's sleep, a positive mood and inner peace.
It makes it easier to react mindfully to triggers.

Energetically it helps you to connect more to your core and your heart. It stimulates emotional healing, cleansing and the free flow of emotions.

Usually ✩:

I am focused with Lion’s Mane, Brahmi, Maca and Tulsi (Holy Basil) contributes to good concentration and memory, mental clarity and it promotes the absorption and processing of information.
It provides energy in a subtle way, on a mental as well as on a physical level.

The energetic focus is on the expansion and clarity of the mind. It helps you to make the connection between your vision and its manifestation into the physical.

Usually ▽:

I am energized with Astragalus, Moringa, Maca and Cordyceps works on your energy levels, stamina and supports physical and mental exertion.
It contributes to the recovery of the body after exercise and is very suitable for before as well as after a workout.

In an energetic sense it helps you become aware of your physical capacity. It connects you to your life force and helps you feel more grounded, focused, charged and present in your body.

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You can use multiple adaptogens at the same time and different blends during the day, but be conscious about your intake.
Herbs and mushrooms can be very powerful, so start with a small dose and see how you react to it.
You can read here about use and dose recommendations.

Do you have specific questions about adaptogens? Send an email to hi@thehighvibeology.com 

* The above health claims, made on the basis of plant-based ingredients, are currently being processed by the European Food Safety Administration (ESFA). *

Supplements are intended to complement a healthy lifestyle. They are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Consult a health expert such as an orthomolecular therapist or your GP before using a new supplement, when pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are taking medication.