koken met adaptogenen

Cooking with adaptogens

Adaptogens in powder form are very convenient to use because you can combine them with all kinds of food and drinks. They dissolve easily and blend in well with the flavors of the dish. This way you usually don't taste them, but you do take full advantage of their properties.
 Most recipes with adaptogens are sweet, such as smoothies, lattes, oatmeal, or bliss balls. But adaptogens are also very suitable to cook with and prepare savory dishes.

 One of the advantages of integrating adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms into your cooking is that you usually use some kind of fat, which increases absorption. This can be for example
olive oil, avocado, nuts, butter or a coconut product such as coconut oil and coconut yogurt. 

 Adaptogens are often brewed into tea in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides being resistant to high temperatures, heat even increases the bioavailability of some compounds such as beta-glucans, which are present in mushrooms. Bioavailability influences the extent to which an active substance reaches the bloodstream.

Just as you probably already consciously put together your food based on your needs and plans for the day, it works similarly with adaptogens.
What would you like to enhance? 

For example, if you are making lunch for a workshop that requires a lot of concentration, then the I am focused blend is very suitable.

If you look for something to increase physical energy and stamina, 
for a sports event or a hike in nature, then you can use the I am energized blend.

The I am calm blend is very soothing for dinner or a meal during a yoga or meditation event.

Do you want to give your immune system and skin a boost? Try the new 
nutricosmetics beauty & longevity blend I am glowing.

When you also select the ingredients of your dish to fit your desired purpose, a nice synergy can take place with the adaptogens.


Food should taste good.
Fortunately it's easy to add adaptogens to your food without them overpowering the taste of the dish, because you only need a small amount.
If you are just starting out with adaptogens, 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per person is a good indication. 

In pure form, the High Vibeology blends have the following flavors:

I am calm: mild herbal with Tulsi and Ashwagandha most present.
I am focused: light-bitter from the Brahmi. Sweet Maca neutralizes this subtly.
I am energized: root and leafy greens, from Astragalus and Moringa.

I am glowing: mild, subtle mushroom. 
What can you make with it?
 Stir-fry meal 
A pure and nutritious dish that goes well with brown rice or quinoa.
 This is what you need:
 Oyster mushroom 
 Red bell pepper 
 Fresh spicy red pepper
 Bay leaf 
 Dried Italian herbs
 Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt
 Fry the chopped onion in olive oil. Turn down the heat and add the garlic while stirring. Sauté it slightly shorter than the onion, then add the 
chopped red pepper and the dried herbs.
Add the adaptogens. Use 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per person.
If you are making this dish for lunch, you can use any of the three blends. If you are making this for dinner, the  I am calm  blend is most suitable.
 Add the broccoli and once it is half cooked, the pepper and the oyster mushroom. 
 Add the spinach last, as it only needs a few minutes.

Some other 

 Combine for example with lentil soup, mushroom soup or creamy cauliflower soup.
Curries are rich in both flavor and good fats which help with the absorption of adaptogens. Make a tasty Massaman curry, a green or a red curry. 
A sauce of tomatoes, dried Italian herbs and fresh basil which is related to Tulsi (Holy Basil) from the  I am calm  and  I am focused  blends. 
Salad dressing
 Give your dressing a boost with a scoop of adaptogens for extra energy or focus.
Buddha bowl
 Sprinkle some adaptogens over your vegetables with tempeh, lentils or beans.

mushrooms, shiitake, bell peppers and fresh garden herbs.

 Mix it into guacamole, beet hummus, salsa Mexicana or yogurt-dill sauce.
Beat the egg yolks and whites separately for an extra fluffy one. Add tomato cubes, spinach, salt, pepper and  I am energized  for breakfast 

 Grilled vegetables
 Bell pepper, aubergine, zucchini and yuca with tahini sauce and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
 Homemade corn flour tortillas with a filling of green pepper, onion, jackfruit and melted (vegan) cheese.