Adaptogenen dosering van kruiden blend

A little goes a long way: adaptogens and dosage

People often think that natural ingredients have a very subtle and gentle effect, but make no mistake about this! 
 Herbs and mushrooms can be very powerful. They often contain very potent properties, which can cause a strong reaction in your body if you don't use them properly.
 I always advise people to start with half a teaspoon of the herbs 
a day. This may seem as very little, but it really isn't. It might even be that this dosage is exactly what you need in the long term as well.

Adaptogens and dosage

There are two reasons to start out with a low dosage: first, to see how your body reacts to the adaptogens. As it's something new to you, by starting out with a little bit, you can observe what it does to you.

 Second, adaptogens work best when used in small doses over a longer period of time. Start slowly and build it up over time: once you feel that your body is ready for more, you can increase the dosage. It generally takes several weeks to three months for the adaptogens to reach their full potential.
 Although one of the characteristics of adaptogens is that they cause no or minimal side effects, it is still important to be mindful about the dosage.
 It happens very rarely, but I've heard from people who are new to adaptogens that they had some issues falling asleep. 
This usually has to do with the way the herbs are used.
 It turns out that they took more than the recommended dosage or a blend that is intended for use during the day because it gives energy and they used it in the evening. As soon as they follow the recommended dosage, the symptoms disappear and they can actually start experiencing the benefits.

 Sometimes we want to see results very quickly and while that is understandable, adaptogens are not intended for this. They are not a quick fix, -although they can sometimes work surprisingly fast- they are rather something that you integrate into your lifestyle for the long term.
 The best thing you can do to get the maximum benefit from the adaptogens, is to listen carefully to your body and slowly build up the dosage. 
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 If you have any questions, you can always send an email!